Forschungs-Mittwoch mit Abul Iqbal: FERRARI RED - From the retort to the market

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2019, 17 Uhr
HKB, Fellerstrasse 11, Raum 229, Bern

Guest: Abul Iqbal, Chief Chemical Technology Associate and Consultant with IQ Consult GmbH, Basel. Advisor to several national and multinational companies in Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, India and USA.


Host: FSP Materialität in Kunst und Kultur / Sebastian Dobrusskin 


The popular Ferrari Red colour stems in terms of chemistry from a family of chromophores called Diketo Pyrrolo Pyrrole, or DPP in short. The present lecture narrates the colourful journey of the red DPP chromophore from its invention in the lab retort to its commercialisation on the market, and purports to acquaint the audience with the chemistry and coloristic properties of a new family of red pigments, which is considered to be the last major breakthrough in organic red pigment chemistry since the introduction of quinacridone pigments some 60 to 70 years back. The presentation will conclude with illustrations of a few practical applications of DPP pigments and their derivatives in paints, plastics, digital and conventional inks, as well as in photonics and electronic imaging applications, etc.


Followed by an Apéro.